Paddle Blinds for Isolation and Hydrotest Thickness

Paddle Blinds

Our huge inventory consists of 516 - Gr70 Spec Carbon Steel material made to ASME B16.47 & B16.48/ANSI B16.5 & B16.2 standards.

We take pride in the quality of the paddle blinds we provide. Every blind we ship is ground to a smooth edge finish, stamped, freshly painted and *color coded for easy identification.

Paddle Blinds are vailable in Raised Face, Mill or Serrated Finish - Ring Type Joint, Oval or Octagonal, Male or Female configurations.

Paddle Blind Dimensions with Hydrotest Thickness Chart

Note: Available in Ring Type Joint - Male or Female - Oval or Octagonal (Hydrotest Thickness)
*Note: For Line Sizes Greater than 24” Dimensions
Shown are for MSS SP44 Series “A” Specifications - API-605 Series “B” Available

Paddle Blinds
Paddle Blinds

Line sizes up to 96"" Available.
Standard isolation thickness is 5/16"" (+/- 1/16), any thickness available upon request.

Sizes and thicknesses meet the following specifications:
ASME 16.48, API 590, ASME 16.5

Paddle Blinds

Other ratings and alloys also available.
The blank thickness as shown in the tables are per ASME/ANI B16-1 or B16-5 pressure temperature rating for the flanges. The thicknesses were calculated using the equation for blanks in ANSI B31 as follows: +m=dg√ 3P 16SE + C where: C=0.02, DG=1.D. of ring gaskets (inches), T=Blank Thickness (inches), SE-24,400 psi, SE-24,400 psi, SF=Safety Factor